Christie and Daisy.  (photo    Sarah Ingram   )

Christie and Daisy. (photo Sarah Ingram)

Georgia-based artist Christie Gregory uses layers of acrylic paint on canvas to express her love of color and texture, and the subtle ways unexpected color combinations, shapes, and lines move us. Her style has been described as painterly and playful, and she’s inspired by both the physical and intuitive process of painting. 

Christie was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in studio art from Vanderbilt Peabody College. She has continued her studies through various workshops and with other artists, including with David Leffel and Roseta Santiago, but her work also reflects a considerable amount of self-teaching. Her academic training leaned mostly toward classical and representational, but now she’s more excited by the accidental forms and textures that emerge when a painting is started with no specific direction in mind, other than an idea of colors and shapes, a particular emotion, or even an inspiring piece of music.

An interest in advertising brought her to Atlanta in 1983 where she had a successful career as an art director and designer. In 2017 she opened her studio and began to focus on painting full-time. Her work has been exhibited in group shows at Brenau University and the Quinlan Arts Center in Gainesville, Georgia, Trinity School in Atlanta, and previously at the Parthenon in Nashville. Some of her paintings reside in private collections in Atlanta, Nashville, Gainesville and Stockholm. 

Christie currently lives in Gainesville, Georgia with her husband and two dogs. She’s passionate about the importance of art in all our lives, and is involved in Gainesville’s Vision 2030 Public Arts initiative.

REPRESENTATION: Caroline Nix Gallery, Gainesville, Georgia,

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